Coinbase Obtains Trading Execution Platform Routefire

Well-known crypto exchange Coinbase has obtained the Routefire platform for improved trade operations. A blog post and on Jan. 7

Jason Victor, Routefire CEO announced in blog post and on Jan. 7 that the group would now be making its execution services for Coinbase as they thanked its clients for their continued support over the span of three years.

Routefire was established in late 2017 with an aim to improve trading infrastructure in the cryptocurrency sector. They created products that permit traders to automatically seek various sources of liquidity to select the most suitable in terms of fees and price rates

Subsequently, the Routefire team will be creating the Coinbase Prime suite of tools and services. This is targeted at being the first brokerage platform for financial firms that want to trade in the crypto arena.

Coinbase has been faced with several outages over the past year, often met with tumultuous trading days for BTC, angering traders who missed possible gains. The possession of Routefire and its trade execution prowess could go a distance in reinstating confidence in this regard.

By the end of 2020, the exchange had filed a registration for an initial public offering with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The action was perceived by to be an additional sign of the growing legitimacy of the crypto sector.