Toronto Dentist fills a cavity, while patient fills Doctors wallet with Bitcoin tip.

(Illustrative) Doctors are increasingly turning to investing in bitcoin to increase their income.

(Toronto, Canada) Dr. Steve Blum DDS lived a normal life working in his private practice with three dental assistants for the last fifteen years. A father of two, Steve lived as he terms it “a comfortable lifestyle“. Yet, with both children heading to university in the coming years, Steve was thinking about either investing in marketing, or some other financial tool, to create additional savings.

Like many other professionals, stocks and bonds were his go to holdings, and although he was able to retain his capital, COVID-19 did some damage to his portfolio, and much of his holdings were devalued. Steve and his wife Cheryl knew that they needed something to not just make up for lost time, but something to cement their financial future. It was a fatefull Tuesday, Steve recalls, that the idea cemented like plaster.

Bitcoin, the first digital currency which is still the most valuable cryptocurrency even after 10 years. This is ranked number one in terms of its market capitalization. Most of the traditional investors came into the crypto space after the success of bitcoin. In 2017, when its value grew from $10000 to nearly $17000, most people couldn’t believe it at first. With recent support from major investors like Billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones who stated on CNBC that he “likes bitcoin even more now, rally still in the first inning” The appeal for Bitcoin has left the dark rooms of techies and entered the professional investors view, and Dr. Blum was no exception.

Dr. Steve Blum recalls filling a cavity for a regular patient, and making small talk through the process. Speaking to his Dental Assistant about the current state of affairs with COVID-19 and how many like him took a huge hit across his portfolios.    The Dentist of 15 years half jokingly recalls saying that if his portfolios rolled back five years,  at least he could as well.

That is when as Dr. Blum recalls, “My patient overhearing the conversation just throws out that his portfolios are at an all time high,  and many money managers agree with his strategy.” This is when the conversation shifted to Cryptocurrency.

“We sat there and I was given a 30 minute master class on Bitcoin”. He recalls his resistance into the idea then learned that even Paypal is now allowing customers to pay in crypto coin. Jennifer, his dental assistance recalls being asked to search the current price of various crypto currencies. The Doctor recalls being stunned that this was sitting right under his nose and then was given the name of a site and broker that can walk him through the process. “I really never thought of bitcoin as being an investment, but right, but if the largest money managers are trading, ok this has legs”.

The Dentist and family man, then shifted a portion of investments and bought his first portfolio of crypto currencies, He recalls adding to his portfolio and slowly accumulating enough digital coin value to match his other portfolios. “In just a few months, I was able to hedge my other investments and actually make up for all my losses.” Dr. Blum furthers ” It didnt take long for me to understand that we are all going crypto in just a short period of time, I even now allow customers to pay in bitcoin”

“Bitcoin is making the U.S. dollar look like the German papiermark of the 1920s”

says Antoni Trenchev as BTC/USD hits $30,300. Bitcoin (BTC) can “very easily” hit $50,000 during 2020, the CEO of one cryptocurrency industry business has told mainstream media. In an interview with Bloomberg in Berlin in October.

Proud parents: Harvey and Anne with their eldest Nick who advised them to look into bitcoin

After a few months of trading, and enough money in the bank and residual income landing in his account at the start of every month from his bitcoin earnings, Dr. Blum started making some improvements to his families lifestyle and it wasn’t just Steve that was happy, standing in front of her new Tesla, Cheryl laughingly mentions:

” Let just say this has been good for all of us, suddenly we see a light at the end of the tunnel..Cheryl has really stood by me during my ups and downs, and now that I am more comfortable with my financial future, why not enjoy.” Dr. Blum stated.

We asked the Doctor what advice he would give to anyone else looking to get involved with Bitcoin and start making regular profits the same way he is. He replied

“Sometimes in life starting something new can be extremely hard, especially if you don’t understand much about it. But if I had never stepped out of my comfort zone and started experimenting with different Bitcoin trading softwares, I would have never come across this strategy and understood that we have to have conversations that open our eyes to new ideas, and the mindset to take massive action on it. Don’t get me wrong, invest smartly and follow your strategy, but being able to have this crypto strategy, has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and we are really enjoying life.”

Tesla Family: Dr. Blum and Cheryl with her new Tesla

Dr. Blum added “For anyone out there that’s thinking about getting started but feels a bit nervous about the process I would say this could change your life around. Whatever you’ve done in the past that hasn’t worked this will make up for it..“if your readers make money, they can send me some coin as thanks, just playin.. I’d be happy to know people are able to do what I did.