The privacy-concerned economy praises Pirate Chain

  • Pirate Chain is the real privacy-respecting cryptocurrency in the current increasingly data-driven economy
  • Other paramount privacy-focused cryptocurrencies have also praised pirate Chain
  • Besides privacy features, the coin is also very secured than other private projects

Pirate Chain is a concerning privacy ecosystem that offers anonymity set to respect the privacy of the individuals. Following Pirate Chain’s superiority, other privacy-respecting cryptocurrencies like ZCash and Monero have also praised the ecosystem publicly. Privacy is not the only benefit provided by the token, as it also offers greater security. Several regulators don’t like the concept of confidentiality focused cryptocurrency as they are untraceable, but understanding the need for privacy is essential.

Pirate Chain can be a fundamental of any economy

Current economies require truly private digital cash. Indeed, there are several variants of private Bitcoins available in the market. However, it is worth understanding that optional privacy is no more privacy. Players in the privacy-concerned ecosystem include ZCash, DASH, Monero, etc.

It is known that Pirate Chain consists of the best features of ZCash, as the balances of every address have untraceable amounts and are not visible to anyone besides the users. On the other side, it has a unique feature of anonymity. Where the transactions of Monero are obscured among the group of 15, Pirate Chain transactions are hidden among an infinite set of anonymity. Following the token’s superior privacy features, the developers of ZCash and Moneri have also praised the currency. 

Moreover, privacy features are not the only advantage of the coin, as it also offers security. Pirate Chain is secured by the BTC network’s delayed proof-of-work (dPoW) and uses 64 elected notary nodes. Such aforementioned features of the coin will help it to overcome cyber attacks. A Sybill attack over ARRR would first require to overcome a 51% attack of both Bitcoin and Komodo’s hash rates, which is virtually impossible.

Privacy is essential in this data-driven economy

Following the evolution of digital currencies, Bitcoin came up as the best solution for the world. The public ledger is the factor that makes it, at best, pseudonymous. However, the transparency of the token is detrimental and even dangerous, though. Each transaction made with BTC tokens reveals the balance of the user to third parties. Moreover, tracking BTC transactions is much easier than monitoring through credit card transactions. 

Although the worst part comes when several evil actors track our information and begin targeting individuals with excellent wallet balance, many a time, such actors began to send life threats to steal the target. Following such aforementioned facts, it is clear that financial privacy is paramount to everyone. According to Alex Gladstein of Human Rights Foundation, Privacy is all about the right to exercise control, moreover, in an increasingly data-driven economy. Pirate Chain can be the perfect, absolutely, and incomparably privacy-first cryptocurrency.

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