Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative, 3 New Participants

Three universities join UBRI

The University of Cape Town in South Africa, New York University Abu Davi in ​​the United Arab Emirates, and Reykjavik University in Iceland have joined the Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).

UBRI is a partnership between Ripple and the world’s top universities to promote academic research, technological development and innovation in blockchain, crypto assets (virtual currency) and digital payments.

Launched in 2018, Ripple provides financial and technical resources to university partners and collaborates with faculty and students on research and technical projects.

According to Ripple, more than 35 university partners are participating, and three will join. From Japan, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University are also participating.

Project contents at 3 universities

Cavetown University

The University of Cape Town will join UBRI as the first African-based partner to offer a master’s and doctoral curriculum in the fintech field. Educate payment protocols and blockchain technology as part of the “FinTech and Cryptocurrency” course. The course is said to have been developed in collaboration with UBRI’s existing partners Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Students in the Faculty of Economics will also explore issues such as interoperability, financial inclusion, and secure digital identities with the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Co-Pierre Georg, an associate professor at the University of Cape Town, who is in charge of fintech courses, said reviewing and improving payment infrastructure is a key issue in Africa, where the remittance sector is large, and the grant from Ripple “innovates the financial services sector. It will be useful in developing skills. “

New York University Abu Dhabi

New York University Abu Dhabi will be the first UBRI partner school in the United Arab Emirates.

Students in the social sciences of the school will be offered courses to study new use cases of digital assets, such as “Fintech Innovation: Finance, Technology, Regulation” and “Cryptocurrency Economics”.

New York University Abu Dhabi is also the base for a venture company development project called “startAD,” and Ripple said, “I’m looking forward to participating in the Corporate Sprint Accelerator program developed by startAD.”

The program is sponsored by startAD and provides training and connections to start-ups. The startAD project is backed by Abu Dhabi government-owned company Tamkeen and started in 2016 for local entrepreneurship education and innovation. We support students and start-up companies in terms of inter-organizational cooperation and new product development.

Ramesh Jagannathan, director of operations at startAD and also responsible for the entrepreneurial curriculum at Abu Dhabi, said:

Blockchain will be the foundation of digitalization that will drive economic development in the coming decades. The global blockchain and blockchain market size is projected to increase by 62.7% from 2020 to 2027.

Inspired by government initiatives and Ripple’s UBRI, our school and startAD would like to actively research new technologies and apply them in the real world.

Reykjavik University

In addition, at Reykjavik University in Iceland, under partnership and funding with UBRI, a new vertical market using blockchain (generally a market specialized in a certain industry such as finance and insurance) and FinTech Research on applications is underway.

“The use of Ripple’s international network and platform enhances attempts to connect academic research with the industry and the real environment,” said Gisli Hjalmtysson, Dean of Technology at Reykjavik University.


Author: A. Yamada
Reference: Ripple

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“Cryptocurrency” means “cryptographic assets”