Blockchain And Liberty For All: Dr Robert J Brown, Will Keynote A Global Blockchain Leadership Event

Robert J. Brown

Broadcast live from
Washington DC, June 18-19, 2021, with contributions from
chapters around the globe, GBA will virtually present its
annual state of the union to the world. The GBA global
leadership team will present their blockchain results so far
and discuss where we are headed for the next

The featured Keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Brown
will share his wisdom gained from decades of working with
world leaders, industry titans, and civil rights leaders.
The Washington Post called him a “World Class Power Broker”.
Just some of his many accomplishments

  • Key advisor to the late Dr. Martin
    Luther King, Jr.
  • Involved in the Robert Kennedy
  • Special Assistant to President Richard
  • Close friend and confidant of Nelson
  • Consulted with many prominent US
    corporations on race relations and crisis
  • Worked on the committee that established
    the legislation creating the Office of Minority Business
    Enterprise within the US Department of Commerce
  • He
    signed the documents that increased funding for historical
    black colleges & universities under President
  • Serves on the boards of numerous universities
    and corporations
  • He holds eleven honorary doctorate
    degrees from prestigious institutions of higher

Dr. Brown has handled communications
and race relations during pivotal moments of the civil
rights movement. His ability to build bridges between
Democrats and Republicans during the Civil Rights heyday,
makes him an exceptional choice for blockchain leaders who
will face inevitable backlash as this technology
revolutionizes the landscape for many in power. How are we
to move forward in a respectful and mutually beneficial

As blockchain technology continues to disrupt
every industry, GBA influencers will need to hear the
lessons learned from this icon of history.

Government Blockchain Association, (GBA), is honored to have
Dr. Brown as a keynote speaker for Blockchain and Liberty
for All.

“Political freedom must be accompanied by
economic freedom for people to be truly free. Blockchain
Technology is a new frontier in the economic landscape,”
says Gerard Dache, Executive Director,

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