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UPDATE: for those who follow GlobalCoin, we were pushing ADA since .34! hitting over $2.00 in the last few weeks! Analysts are confident that ADA can hit 5$ in the very near future.  From the founders of Eherium, now sitting at $2,500, Analysts are excited about ADA dethroning the second largest coin.

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On Mar 19, Coinbase added Cardano to the list of its supported altcoins. ADA prices, the currency of the Cardano Network, immediately leaped 40% as idea-starved traders jumped on board. Prices have since pulled back from their $1.48 peak.

But don’t mistake Cardano for a flash-in-the-pan; it’s already one of the most technologically advanced cryptocurrencies on the market. And though the coin still has a long way to go, its newfound price strength gives its developers the ammunition to go after Bitcoin and Ethereum’s dominance. With Cardano now at just $1.15,  $1.80 It’s time to buy the dip and hang on tight as this becomes the next 50$ coin!

Analysts are watching the gold standard of Crypto, Bitcoin! With its recent pullback to prices in mid-January!

Bitcoin could hit 100k in 3 months! The ’30s will never be seen again – JPMorgan

Talk of $100K Bitcoin is growing louder after the cryptocurrency king surged to a fresh all-time high of $62,110 US and then consolidated to mid-’30s. There is no question we will return to 65! then hit 100k very quickly, due to a raft of reasons including political uncertainty in the US, a weaker US dollar, and relaxed central bank monetary policy.

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  1. This is insane.. think about it..while utility coins have to fight to get adoption, china can just mandate adoption and presto 1.3b users are on it.. the volume will be huge…

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